To A Friend of Mine (You Know Who You Are)

Its YOUR blog. Do and say what ya want. Forget everyone else.

Remember what I said: if they can’t be down with ya with as a person and a artist, screw em. They ain’t with the shit and they ain’t worth ya time. Think about you and those who got your back.

You should be able to vent and talk the way ya wanna on YOUR blog. If they ain’t with it, oh well. They kick rocks. Life goes on.

Just know you should be okay doing what ya wanna do without having to fear the outcome. Ya gotta do you.

And y’all leave this girl alone. Damn! Y’all some real whiny ass muthafuckas, huh? I mean, y’all griping cuz she saying personal shit on her own personal blog? Really? Bet ya won’t say that stuff to me or anyone else. Y’all just trying to strike some shit for no reason. Get on with that pussy shit, man. That’s that bullshit that you ain’t bout. Disrespectful as can be.

Just chill and let her do what she wanna do and say what she wanna say. Or, you can piss off.

I got ya, friend. 

I’m sorry. But I HATE music fans sometimes. 

I hate hearing rock fans say “Rap is crap! Eminem is the only good rapper rap has!”

No, you stupid twats! He’s the only person YOU listen to! To say rap is crap at a face value proves ya know nothing of the culture and know nothing of the music. Is there crappy rappers? Yes. Every genre has crap artist. Ever one. Rock, pop, R&B, soul—all of em. 

And stop saying Eminem is the best rapper in the world. He’s not. He will never be. I mean, have you heard his last 3 albums? Yeah. Classic stuff, right? No. Its trash. I’mma be real. But Encore was his worst album. And his older stuff is better but at the same time alot of his music hasn’t aged well with time. But alot of his other stuff has. He’s one of the best but not THE best.

And he’s not the only fast rapper yet music fans treat him like he is. Hello? Tech N9ne? Twisted Insane? Twista? Yelawolf? Busta Rhymes? What about new artist like VI Seconds (Shizzy Sixx)? The Underachievers? Denzel Curry? Jarren Benton? 

The fact is, unless you know enough about a subject or even a genre of music, don’t debate without the facts and a developed opinion you can defend because if ya don’t, you’ll look stupid. And I know my music. I know I hip hop. I know my rap. I know my R&B. I know my punk. I know my funk. Don’t think I dunno anything. Stop acting like ya know something if you can’t properly defend it. 

Y’all music fans need to come up with a reason ya say something and be open to listen when someone disagrees with ya.