To Do/Draw List (Or some shit)

  • Draw Giffany from Gravity Falls
  • Draw random females for no reason.
  • Butts.
  • Draw Ganni Jah (My OC).
  • A few animated shorts (In progress).
  • A few gift posters.
  • A few comic strips (both SFW and NSFW).
  • Draw Chun Li from Street Fighter.
  • Draw Miss Fortune from Skullgirls.
  • Draw a pony (because fuck you).
  • Draw Mako from Kill La Kill (Mako is waifu).
  • Start a podcast series (the only actual TO DO part of the list).

Possible Commissions, Voice Actors, And Lovely Anon. (Read & Feedback)


Since I been fired from Ruby Tuesdays about a month back and just got hired at a job that takes 2 weeks to get a paycheck instead of one and since I don’t get paid too great (not bad, just not great), I’m heavily thinking about making a PayPal and starting up commission slots because a nigga ain’t getting paid enough. So, if you, my followers, want my art and love me enough to pay for my art, then I’ll have a commission sheet drawn out and priced.

Just know know if I do commissions, it’ll be by slots so I can only have so many commissions at once. I still have school, work, and rap stuff I gotta do. And don’t worry—I won’t kill ya wallet with my prices. 


Okay, losers. I got a few animated projects I wanna do and I need a few voice actors to say a few lines for me so I can animate around it and get some type of content out. I really wanna do cartoons for you guys but stuff has hindered me from doing it and I don’t wanna sound like I’m stalling and I really wanna do something for you losers because I fucking love you guys or something. So, if your a voice actor and or a voice actress, PLEASE get in touch with me. PLEASE.

Please. Like, seriously. I wanna do a thing for you people.


I get these random ask from an anon who tells me not to post their ask publicly and just say really nice things about me. How much they love me, how much they respect me, and just nice sugary shit. And I dunno who they are. I just wanted to take this time to say thanks to that person and how bummed they won’t tell me who they are. But still. I thank them for just being sweet for the sake of being sweet. Makes me think I’m really entertaining people, ya know? So, yeah. Thanks, whoever you are.


Anyway, that’s all. If you wanna me to do commissions, let me know if there’s a demand and I’ll make it happen. 

If your a voice actor who wants to help me out with a few short projects and is serious about it and wanna spit ball idea with me, please please PLEASE get in touch with me.

Have a nice night. Or Day. Or aftern—fuck it.