I wanna see a Do You Wanna Make A Snowman song parody with the characters from Five Nights At Fridays and call it Your Gonna Be A Robot.

Like Chicka would go and then Foxy and then Freddy finishes it. I know some of y’all are thinking it. Make it happen. Haha

Had my first animation class. Looks like some artist from Cartoon Network, Disney, Warenr Bros and  more will be viewing my progress for time to time.

I got this shit on lock. X3

Y’all think a nigga playing about Five Nights at Freddie’s.

The scares in that game hits too close to home for me. Had we walking around my house with a switchblade for hours because every noise had a nigga tripping.

Had me think the duck from the game was waiting for my ass in the kitchen. If you make a man paranoid enough to not go make  him a SPAM sandwich, you did something impossible. F—k that duck.