The only trigger words down south are the triggers on the gats out here.

We don’t talk down here. We ain’t ain’t got time for trigger warnings. Because the trigger word down here? BOW! We ain’t the sensitive types.

Updates: Animation, School, & Other Stupid Shiz

Yo, fags and nonfags, How’s ya day? I don’t care.

Anyway, I plan to start animating Gho$tly Bits tomorrow. I was going to stream today but I was trying to get a feel of the software before I did anything too crazy and I think I pretty much understand the idea. 

I have a very important meeting with the dean of my college tomorrow about classes, animation courses and maybe a Disney internship so I’ll be inactive for most of the morning and won’t come back til noonish.

Also, just so ya know, Gho$tly Bits is just the start of my projects. I also have mini show bits I wanna do like SHADES AVE, Cynic Center, and Momo Machete. Even full series like Random Ravin, Fry N’ Soft Headed Sam, What’s A King To A God?, The Youth of Flatbush, Shutter-Town, and my jewel idea: Slumdogg Slackers.

So, I have stuff going on and I do do plan to have some cartoons out. But I don’t wanna just put out whatever. I want it to be something great and entertaining 100%. I don’t like the idea of poor product on my part. So, just work with me on this stuff for now, guys.

I also have plans for a possible NSFW project in the future, but I won’t say what just yet. Just know it’ll be a series and its gonna be great.

Anyway, that’s all for now. My Skype will be open to anyone for questions or i ya just wanna talk. Contact info is on my page. 

Okay. I’m done. Go away. Stop reading.



I’ll be having an awesome (shitty) animation stream tomorrow!

You can watch me draw debut cartoon that won’t get shit canned by my previous oppressors, Gho$tly Bits!

And you can ask me dumb questions about shit you wanna know about me or just ask random questions for the hell of it!

And soon-to-be-famous animator Froggywithfries will be there!…….Maybe!

So call now! (Its a stream, faggot)

And Get ready to see me fail over and over again and then see me win and make a f—kin’ cartoon or whatever.