Ask-A-Thon is OV (Over)

But that doesn’t mean don’t stop asking for drawing.

And it also doesn’t mean if I didn’t draw your request, I’m not gonna. I’m gonna get as many as I can done.

I’m trying to get as many as I can done. I swear.

Thanks for keeping me busy but keep asking and i’ll keep drawing and try to get better at speed, yeah? =w=

The Ask-A-Thon begins official tomorrow  morning (when I wake up and drink some Mountain Dew).  Tomorrow’s goal is at least 8 ask.

So, fill my ask box full of ask some stuff ya wanna see me draw. I’ll maybe even host a stream or a large Skype call to talk to some of you. Who knows?

Point is, I need alotta ask to keep me busy. So, get to asking me stuff, yeah?

See y’all in the morning.